Traxmate and u-blox in cooperation to provide AoA high precision tracking out of the box


About U-blox

u‑blox (SIX:UBXN) is a global technology leader in positioning and wireless communication in automotive, industrial, and consumer markets. 

Their smart and reliable solutions, services, and products let people, vehicles, and machines determine their precise position and communicate wirelessly over cellular and short-range networks. 

With a broad portfolio of chips, modules, and secure data services and connectivity, u‑blox is uniquely positioned to empower its customers to develop innovative and reliable solutions for the Internet of Things, quickly and cost‑effectively. With headquarters in Thalwil, Switzerland, the company is globally present with offices in Europe, Asia, and the USA. (www.u‑ Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter @ublox, and YouTube

The XPLR-AOA-2 explorer kit provides everything needed to evaluate high accuracy positioning with Bluetooth 5.1 direction-finding technology. The kit comprises 4 antenna boards (C211) and 4 tags (C209) as well as the necessary software for setting up a system to evaluate Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) technology for high accuracy positioning indoors.

The antenna boards, equipped with a NINA-B411 Bluetooth LE module, applies an angle calculation algorithm to extract the direction to the tag. The angle is calculated by the u-connectLocate software, running on the embedded MCU in NINA-B411. No additional processing is required, the angle is delivered directly from the USB port of the antenna board. For the tags, there is also an example software available.

A PC positioning engine software is provided with the kit. It triangulates (2D) or trilaterates (3D) the position with the angle information from the antenna boards. The software connects to an IoT tracking platform from Traxmate. In this platform, the user can upload a floor plan of the room and easily deploy and configure the antenna boards, directly in the map. Then live tracking of the tags can be performed. A three months free trial license is included in the kit.

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