Locate Everything Everywhere!

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Locate everything everywhere!

IoT tracking system using innovative indoor & outdoor positioning

Protect Your Employees

Room Level Accuracy - In case of emergency

Keep Track of Your Assets

Seamless Indoor & Outdoor

Keep Your Employees Safe

Deploy resource to the exact location

Save Time

Traxmate is ready to use and requires little training for admins and no training for users

Save Money

Traxmate requires no investments and uses existing infrastructure for positioning. After a first building survey, the system is self-updating.

Safe and Secure

Traxmate supports different use cases for ensuring personnel privacy while keeping them safe. Traxmate conforms with the EU GDPR rules

Open and Customizable

Traxmate is a cloud service that is easily customizable to support different needs and use cases.  It has open APIs that can interface to any other system.

Traxmate is a complete enterprise asset tracking platform

We know that it is your priority to produce as efficiently and safe as possible.
Enhancing efficiency by keeping track of your assets and provide a safe working environment for your employees in an environment that constantly changes is very challenging.

Today there are no good and cost effective solutions to achieve that.

Our solution lets you locate an asset anywhere in your facility with room and floor-level accuracy. By using geofences you will be notified within seconds if an asset leaves a construction area or an employee enters a restricted dangerous area!.

We are here to help you with a complete turnkey solution to keep track of your assets!

An Asset Tracking Solution Packed with Great Features

Traxmate uses newest 3D Indoor Positioning Technology


Live view of the users


Easily see if the alert is triggered on the dashboard


Available in Play Store

Asset Tracking and Safety for Many Use Cases

Safety and Security
Just a Button Away!

Traxmate Dashboard provides a live
overview of your employees and assets. 

If an alert is triggered, it will be clearly marked on the map and an alert notification with location is sent to users and/or external system.

Traxmate App is easy and intuitive to use. Receive alerts with location, track your location or locate your colleagues and assets.

Traxmate Trackers are small low power tracking devices with possibility to share location and get real-time tracking alerts if the tracker enters or exits an area.

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