Your personal data and how we handle it

By your personal data we mean the data we collect and save about you and how you use our services that directly or indirectly identifies you. We use this information to provide services, provide you with a better experience, improve services and provide offers to suit your needs.

The information below is a summary of how we collect and manage your personal data in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Type of personal data we collect
  • Here is how we collect personal data
  • How we use personal data
  • How long we save personal data
  • To whom we provide personal data
  • How we protect your personal data
  • You decide over your personal data
  • Your and your users’ personal data when Traxmate acts as personal data processor
  • How we treat your personal data when you are no longer a customer

Type of personal data we collect

Contact information

When you become a customer of Traxmate, we collect your contact information:
name, address, e-mail address, and phone number.

Information about your services

We also save data about which of our services you order and use and in what way you use them.


When you contact our support, we collect the information you provide to us so that we can help you with your case.

Here’s how we collect personal data

We collect and process data …

  • … you state yourself when you become a customer with us.
  • … you state when you contact us in the form of notes, chat conversations, emails and recorded calls.
  • … created when you use our services – eg when you visit our website or log in to the service.
  • … collected through cookies that collect information on and from your browser.

Exactly what information we collect about you depends on which of our services you use.

How we use personal data

In order for us to process your data, one of the following legal bases is required:

  • Requirements for fulfilling the agreement with you.
  • Requirements for fulfilling a Traxmate legal obligation.
  • The treatment lies in both your and Traxmate’s interest.
  • Consent from you for that particular treatment.

In order for us to be able to provide our services to you, we need to process your personal data. Below you will find information about what we use your data for, and what legal basis the treatment supports.

Provision of services

We process personal data to identify you as a customer and to manage and deliver the services you have ordered and subscribed to. As well as personal data required to handle the billing and payment of the services you use.

Legal basis: Fulfilment of contract.

Communication and support

We can use personal information from previous contact with us in order to give you better help.

We use your contact information and information about which services you use as the basis for invoices, newsletters, important information about your services, offers and tips on how to use our services.

Legal basis: Balancing of interests, consent and fulfilment of agreements.

Development of our services and products

We process personal data about how you use our services and from contact with us as a basis for improving your experience specifically and our services in general.

Legal basis: Balancing of interests and consent.


In order to be able to market relevant products and services to you according to your needs, we process personal data about what services you use and how you use them.

Legal basis: Balancing interests and consent.

Security and prevention of abuse

We process personal data for the purpose of discovering and preventing the following for our services and in our network:

  • abuse
  • intrusion
  • attacks such as viruses, DDOS
  • offences
  • use of our services that violate our terms

Legal basis: Fulfilment of contract and legal obligation.

Statutory obligations

We process personal data in order to comply with the requirements of the law.

Legal basis: Legal obligation.

How long we save personal data

We save personal data as long as there is a documented purpose for the process.

To whom we provide personal data

Partners, subcontractors and other companies within Traxmate

We have agreements with all partners and subcontractors within the EU, and EU standard contract clauses for everyone outside the EU. The agreement regulates, among other things, which personal data are processed, why processing is done, how personal data must be protected and how long they are processed. The agreement also contains instructions from the data controller to the personal data assistant how the personal data may be processed.

We strive to never share more personal data than absolutely necessary for each partner.

We take appropriate safeguards to ensure that your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable law regarding security and personal privacy. We place the same demands on our subcontractors.


Upon request, we may be required by law and authority to disclose certain personal data to the police, for example.

How we protect your personal data

We use industry standards to securely store, process and communicate sensitive information such as personal data and passwords. For example, SSL / TLS, PGP and one-way hash algorithms.

The protection is implemented with systematic, organisational and technical measures to ensure integrity, confidentiality and accessibility.

You decide over your personal data

You decide on your own personal data. Namely, you decide which information you want to submit and which treatment of your personal data you approve, and you can withdraw your consent whenever you wish.

Please note, however, that we need some personal data to be able to provide our services to you. If you choose to revoke your consent, this may mean that we cannot provide all of our services to you.

Your and your users’ personal data when Traxmate acts as personal data processor

In cases where you are the personal data controller and Traxmate acts as personal data assistant, our processing of your customers’ personal data is regulated in our contract document Personal Data Assistance Agreement. 

How we treat your personal data when you are no longer a customer

When you cancel your account, we will remove all your personal data where there is no longer any purpose for continued processing. We also notify any partners and subcontractors who have processed your data that they will be deleted from them.

What is removed, among other things, is your …

  • … email addresses with associated emails.
  • … personal data in our CRM system.
  • … backups of the above are removed according to our backup schedule.

Among the things that are not deleted are:

  • Data required by the Accounting Act.