Welcome to the Traxmate Slack app!

This app helps you to keep track of your colleagues and your valuable assets. Traxmate is a tracking service with support for seamless indoor/outdoor tracking. By using this app you can just type /whereis to find what you are looking for. A prerequisites is that you and your team is Traxmate users and using the Traxmate app in your smartphones. See Traxmate at Google Play and App Store.

If wanna try it out, connect your Slack account with your Traxmate account by clicking the button below.

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How to use the Traxmate Slack App 

With Traxmate app you can get locations of your colleagues and assets anytime from your Slack workspace. After the admin install the app, any member in the workspace can use /whereis command to track person or asset at any channel.

To track a person:

/whereis @person

If the person has already connected to his/her Traxmate account, then you will get the the person’s location. Otherwise, the person will receive an invitation to connect to Traxmate account, sent by Traxmate App.

To track device:

/whereis asset’s name

You only need to type part of the asset’s name. If it is unique, then only this asset’s location will be presented. Otherwise, locations of all your assets shared same part of the name will be listed.

Tracking is only visible to you even if you use the /whereis command in a public channel. You will get the locations in text together with a link to display the location on a map.


For help, type /traxmate or send an email to support@ and we will contact you shortly.

In the video you see how easy it is to keep track of your colleagues….