Traxmate and Nestwave Collaborate to Deliver Integrated Asset Tracking Solution

Traxmate and Nestwave collaboration delivers powerful indoor and outdoor tracking of low-power, small form factor IoT devices  

Nurnberg, 21st June, 2022 – Nestwave, a global leader in low-power geolocation for the IoT, has announced a collaboration with Traxmate, a leading supplier of asset tracking technology.  The collaboration sees the integration of Nestwave’s ultra-efficient location technology with Traxmate’s asset tracking platform for seamless indoor and outdoor positioning, tracking and routing of small, low-power and battery-powered IoT devices. 

Nestwave’s innovative NestCore™ IP and NestCloud™ cloud services enable the IoT’s smallest and most power-efficient geolocation solutions, while Traxmate is a comprehensive tracking data processing hub that simplifies the set-up of tracking environments and provides real-time visualization of device location. The collaboration also leverages access to a cloud-based positioning API developed by Combain, a world-leading geolocation service provider for connected IoT devices, that complements Nestwave’s own GNSS solution.

“The integration of Nestwave and Traxmate technologies provides a powerful combination for companies looking to deliver accurate and seamless indoor and outdoor tracking using IoT devices within the smallest power budgets and form factors,” says Ambroise Popper, Nestwave’s CEO. “The collaboration opens up new possibilities for applications ranging from carrier tracking to the tracking of individual parcels and packets.”

Traxmate CEO Björn Lindquist adds: “Traxmate is simple to use and set up, requires no coding and provides a rich ‘out-of-the-box’ feature set that includes dashboards, alerts and processing rules for taking actions on incoming data. Basing IoT tracking on Traxmate and Nestwave technologies significantly simplifies the implementation of accurate geolocation across a variety of use cases.”

In support of the collaboration, Traxmate and Nestwave will be demonstrating an integrated IoT tracking solution on the Traxmate booth (3A-225) at Embedded World from 21st to 23rd June in Nuremberg. The demonstration will be based on the Nestwave award-winning ThinTrack™,  an ultra-compact GPS solution that integrates an LTE-M/NB-IoT modem, antenna, battery, SIM, sensors and all necessary electronics into a device measuring only 82 x 35 x 3mm and weighing just 15g.

About Nestwave

Nestwave  enables the proliferation of IoT geolocation by providing the smallest, most power efficient, lowest component count solutions. 

The company’s combination of IP and cloud services eliminates the need for conventional GPS/GNSS chipsets and dramatically reduces power consumption.

Because of this, Nestwave technologies minimize the bill of materials, extend the battery life, and speed up the time-to-market of accurate indoor and outdoor positioning and tracking applications. Nestwave IP can be incorporated into existing DSP cores and connectivity chips without re-design, while cloud-assisted implementation leverages the computation power of the cloud and keeps power consumption to a minimum.

The unprecedented power and BoM savings realized by Nestwave’s innovative technology significantly improve existing positioning and tracking applications. They also open the door to the integration of geolocation in applications where power and size limitations would previously have made this impossible. And by combining lower power consumption with the use of fewer components, Nestwave solutions contribute to environmental sustainability and reduced carbon footprints. 

About Traxmate 

Traxmate offers a complete and state-of-the-art IoT tracking platform for seamless indoor and outdoor positioning, tracking, and routing of connected Internet of Thing devices. Traxmate serves mobile network operators, product manufacturers, and service providers with white-labelled and on-premises versions of the Traxmate platform, which provides a hassle-free set-up of accurate tracking environments and services in both 2D and 3D. Traxmate connects easily with over 1200 different tracking devices using various connectivity and positioning technologies including GPS/GNSS, BLE, Wi-Fi, cellular & LoRaWAN®. 

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