We Make Your Safety Our Priority

What is Traxmate?

A Turnkey Solutions for Employee Safety and Asset Tracking

Traxmate is a complete tracking software solution for employee safety and efficiency. Our easy to use solution allows employees to call for help with the press of a button and it enables them to be located at the exact location of an emergency within seconds of an alert.

The solution can also be used in many different use-cases from asset tracking to facility management. Traxmate provides the tools to enable and optimize 3D indoor positioning with room and floor accuracy. The service uses the existing infrastructure in your facility which dramatically reduces the deployment and maintenance cost compared to other solutions.

Our Vision

Protect Your People and Keep Track of Your Assets 

Traxmate continuously works towards this vision by developing accurate, cost-effective and effective solutions to help you enable safety within your facilities

Our team, are passionated about enabling Security and Safety everywhere.

We are committed to transform the way companies use location in order to keep track of their assets and to react on time when needed.